Heaven on Earth

"On earth, as it is in Heaven" is a biblical term used often, but often misunderstood. Let's re-imagine, reapply, and reap the benefit of new understa...View Details

What is success, really? Isn't it the ability to live life as you would like, or is it something more? Is it so much more that it becomes so simple we...View Details

It’s Called Growth

While dealing with a controversial president, a deadly pandemic, and another senseless act of police murder, it would be normal if not acceptable to f...View Details

Magic of Goals

There is magic in goal setting. Not in what you do to achieve them, but because of where they come from. We all have dreams, thoughts, hopes, and desi...View Details

Taught vs Caught

Highlights from the video "Some things are taught and some things are caught"

Limiting the Limitless

There is more to life than going to work and getting paid, right? But the question is how do we access abundant living? The key is understanding the d...View Details

Knowing Truth

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." How many times have you heard that said? We say it, we hear it, we believe it, but the q...View Details

No man is an Island, we all live and work in life together. Sop, when you get stuck or try to reach new goals, where does your help come from... watch...View Details

Go Ahead, Ask

The bible says, "You have not because you ask not." So, is the issue that we do not ask, or the reasons why we do not we ask?

Guaranteed Success

The one thing we all look for is success. No matter how it is defined or what the object of success may be, it seems human beings are plagued to pursu...View Details

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