Discussion of class development...

There is more to racism than we like to believe. When it comes to knowing what it is, how it works, and how to defeat it, one of the best defenses is ...View Details

We the People

"We the people,"  such an interesting phrase. After our 2020 election where Biden and Harris defeated trump and Pence, in recent history, these words ...View Details

Define your attentions

I haven't seen a "State of the Union Address" in a while, so I thought I would ask (and answer) the question.

White Rage pt 2

A continuations of our White Rage discussion.

White Rage pt. 1

I had the chance to discuss the topic of "White Rage",  with two affluent community members Mel Mason and Fred Jealous. Enjoy this 4 part podcast

Heaven on Earth

"On earth, as it is in Heaven" is a biblical term used often, but often misunderstood. Let's re-imagine, reapply, and reap the benefit of new understa...View Details

What is success, really? Isn't it the ability to live life as you would like, or is it something more? Is it so much more that it becomes so simple we...View Details

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